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Guild Info
Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00-10:00pm CST (25s)
Raid Size:
10/25 man
Loot System:
Modified DKP
Loot Council

Zero Coordination is an end-game raiding guild on the Whisperwind server. We are a discipline group of raiders who focus on perfecting our performance with each pull. With respect for guildmates trumping any conflicting opinion that may arise, we continue to be drama free. We try to stay non-hardcore but we take raiding serious. The game should not feel like a second job.

We are always looking for excellent players or people who are looking for a better raiding and guild experience.

The guild master has invested in bringing in good people to the guild. That goes against the school of thought of GMs who look to only bring in talent. If you build your guild around good people, raiding and guild life will suffer less from that which causes guilds to break up and fall apart.

Play the game and be the best you can be, read strats, be prepared, and read what others have to say about your class/race/spec. But, remember that above anything else a game should be enjoyable. Never sacrifice your enjoyment for a sense of accomplishment, strive to have both.

- Ecnarongi (Guild Master)

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Death Knight low
Druid (balance) high
Druid (restoration) medium
Hunter low
Mage medium
Monk (MW & WW) high
Paladin (holy) medium
Priest(holy) medium
Priest(shadow) low
Rogue low
Shaman (restoration) high
Warlock high